Welcome to the digital open day page of the AKI Academy of Art & Design! The Open Day has passed, but in case you’ve missed it you can rewatch the Department presentations and AKI Talkshow here!

We hope to organise more orientational events in the near future. You can already sign up for our online AKI tour here!

Department presentations 
Learn everything you need to know about the courses Crossmedia Design, Fine Art or Moving Image in 45 minutes! Examples of assignments, courses, internships and exchanges will be shown, as well as an explanation of the course curriculum and job perspectives.

Fine Art

Presented by Tihamér Salij, Head of Fine Art.

Crossmedia Design

Presented by Ina Bode, Head of Crossmedia Design.

Moving Image

Presented by Sjoerd van Oevelen, Coördinator of Moving Image.

AKI Live talkshow

We kicked off with Director Marc Boumeester introducing us to the AKI as an Academy by telling us about the history, vision and prospects of AKI and ArtEZ. This was followed by an interview with students from Fine Art, Moving Image and Crossmedia Design who talk about studying at the AKI, how it is to live in Enschede, their work and aspirations.