Fine Art Painting 

I am inspired by creation itself. The origin of creation. The creation of the world. The creation of man, the tree, water and sand. I work in the same way the world works for us. It is one big artwork where there is Ripe and Unripe. Within the Ripeness and Unripeness, there is humans, animals, nature and many other things. Within those things we have things like families, cultures; stories. I simply paint stories. My stories, historical stories, biblicial stories, cultural stories, stories people told me. Stories I picked up on the subway. Stories the trees told me by dancing with the wind. I paint expressively. It can be figurative. It can also come out more abstract and expressive. It comes from the spirit. That is why,I believe, they become alive. Actually, it is no more than just a frame with some fabric surrounding it. Or a piece of paper, or some clay. Only because others and myself moved our hands and bended the elements; the things that were just seeds or materials or an object before, turns into a life on its own. The same way a seed is only a seed until the moment you put it into the ground, use the right equipment; only then can it grow into a tree. 

The right equipment, first and foremost is love. It is why I believe this world was created. So I will start any creation with love. And I like to express those things mostly through etching, oil paints and ceramics.