Bringing the most crazy dreams to life is what Julia Hofman does with her artworks. By using different mediums as film, drawing and painting, artist Julia Hofman creates a variety of realities, from completely absurd in scriptwriting to photorealistic when it comes to drawing. She challenges herself to combine comedy, absurdism and fantasy into each of her works, making each work eccentric and unique.

Summary graduation work
Julia Hofman’s graduation work exists of an hand drawn animated short film, based on an ongoing story previously featured in her recent comic book ‘Kyro the Wendigo’.  

The animated short film follows the story of Kyro, a young adolescent guy living together with his roommate Joel when a pandemic breaks out and they are both quarantined together. Now that he is locked in his house with Joel, it becomes harder and harder for Kyro to hide his true identity of being a wendigo, a cannibalistic supernatural creature. Kyro knows that the moment Joel finds out, he will have to kill him. However, when the moment arrives, Kyro finds out he has started to care more for Joel than initiated and killing someone has never been more difficult for him.

This is a story about friendship and love, about caring for someone throughout changes. It is about acceptance and forgiveness. Some people might not accept you for who you are, but don’t let them speak for everyone you meet. Some people might surprise you.